Message From the CEO


Finding and placing the best talent in a top company is more than just a business. It’s an art, it’s a science and it’s a human skill. At a simple level, industry professionals are looking to extend themselves and maximize their potential, while on the corporate side, companies want to tap into that potential and get the very best talent working for them.

But it’s about more than putting pegs into holes. At Slate, we realize that we must connect the best with the best. We also understand that placing a professional with a client means not only knowing our business, but also knowing their business.

Professionals looking for career advancement and personal development know that we will pursue their goals with the same passion they are putting into their own careers. We only look good if they look good.

Our corporate clients can rest easy knowing that our standards of recruitment, ethics and commitment will match theirs in full. We aim to become ‘as one’ with our clients so that we understand their needs, their vision and their philosophy.

At Slate, we relentlessly track down the best people to put in the best positions in the best companies across the Asia Pacific region. We utilize our network located in Japan and Canada to source from a broad geographical spectrum of talent. And we don’t compromise. Your standards are our standards. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

Success starts here at Slate. We’re waiting to help you.

Ray V. Pedersen
Slate Consulting Group

What we do

Our Search Process

Slate was built utilizing proactive search processes that help to bring about the most consistent and effective results. These processes produce the best results at global, regional and local levels and guarantee that we meet the expectations of our clients and candidates.



We carry out in-depth consultations with our clients to evaluate their needs and determine the best approach to meeting their requirements. We target the key factors surrounding these requirements and build up a thorough understanding of the position details and necessary qualifications involved, as well as the client’s position in the market place and corporate culture.



Once we’ve developed a position profile, we define the search area and target sectors before focusing on specific companies and seeking out the ideal candidate for the post. We source from our extensive network and utilize cutting-edge systems to build a short-list of qualified candidates.



We meet and assess a small number of qualified potential candidates. Our professional staff then prepares a confidential candidate assessment report which is presented to the client for review. When the client is ready to proceed, we move to make the connection and assist further as required.



After an introduction, we continue to support communication between the client and candidate. We work to ensure the needs of both parties are being met, and act as mediators in the discussion. We continue to communicate with both parties to make the transition into a new role as seamless as possible.

How we do

We have the flexibility to work on searches of different sizes and levels. We work in searches in either a Retained or Contingency basis to meet the varied needs of our clients.


A contingency search is basically a consistent and ongoing search for candidates with various skill-sets. We recommend a contingency search in the following cases:

• Long-term business growth, sourced from a wide variety of candidates

• Proactively filling a large number of positions in a limited time

• Large organization with a high employee turnover rate (10%+)


A retained search is more targeted than a contingency search, and usually employed for high level or sensitive positions. We recommend a retained search in the following cases:

• Senior-management level position or higher from a small existing talent pool, where greater-than-normal representation from us is required.

• When filling a position in complete confidence, such as a replacement or impending resignation.

• When filling a position on an urgent and time-critical basis, where a greater-than-normal resource allocation is required.

Our Promise

Slate employees are true professionals and trusted advisors; they play an integral role in the success of our clients. We’ve earned that trust by continually demonstrating our dedication to excellent customer service and by maintaining consistency in the delivery of results. We are committed to the success of both our clients and our candidates and we resolve to achieve this success with professionalism, integrity and fairness.

Code of Ethics

We will act with professionalism and integrity in all our dealings with clients and candidates.

We will follow all relevant employment laws and regulations.

We will provide our candidates and recruiters with accurate information, especially related to job descriptions, terms of employment and working conditions.

We will not recruit, encourage or entice a candidate whom we have previously placed to leave the employ of our client.

We will not reveal information regarding our clients’ search requirements to internal members of their organization who are not involved in the search committee.

We will exercise objective and impartial judgment in each search, giving due consideration to all relevant facts.

We will avoid conflicts of interest.

We will serve our clients loyally and protect client interests when performing assignments.

We will regard all information concerning the business affairs of our clients and candidates as totally confidential.

We will not solicit or accept payment from any candidate under any circumstances.

We will support the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no damage will result from contact with candidates at all stages of the recruitment process.

We will not unduly influence candidates to take any position.

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