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We are an executive search firm focused on the Asia-Pacific region, with operations in Japan and Canada

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Slate is a microcosm of the world we live in — we come from a wide spectrum of places, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds

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Every Slate professional belongs to an industry or functional Practice Group according to their knowledge, expertise and passion

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Find out what our customers and clients are saying about us, and discover what makes Slate one of the top executive search firms

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Japan Inc 2.0 – Adapting to Survive

  Corporate Japan is undergoing change, of that there is no doubt. Hierarchies are slowly getting less rigid, working hours are down and wages are up (at least at most big companies). Work-life balance is[…]

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Gearing Up for Japan’s Big Push into Floating Offshore Wind

  Recent weeks have seen legislative moves by Japan’s government to exponentially expand the permitted area for offshore wind, an agreement with the United States to cooperate on floating offshore development and more than a[…]

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Navigating a Volatile IT Labour Market: Hirings, Firings and the Rise of AI

Multiple contradictory trends can currently be seen around technology and the labour market. Warnings have been issued that automation and the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will make much of the workforce redundant. Though[…]

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We are an executive search firm covering the Asia-Pacific region with operations in Japan and Canada, and focused on sourcing top tier bilingual talent for international employers.






We are committed, passionate and driven toward pursuing excellence through results


Each industry-focused recruiter works to understand and build the perfect team for our clients

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Vancouver Office

Benefiting from its unique Canadian Japanese DNA, Slate pioneered a remote recruit center
at the heart of the buzzing metropolitan of Vancouver.

Our Expertise

Every Slate professional belongs to an industry or functional Practice Group according to their knowledge, expertise and passion. We pool our sector and candidate knowledge and conduct focused research across geographical borders.



What makes us the preferred Human Capital consultancy operating in the Asian Pacific region?


We are known first and foremost for our ability to deliver qualified, top-level talent in a minimal timeframe. Put us to work for you, and you’ll see why our clients choose us.


Slate has been around for almost two decades. Our knowledge gives us an intimate understanding of the recruitment process and the most effective strategies for finding new talent.


Our practice group specialization means that each consultant at Slate has a direct connection and knowledge about the industry they are recruiting for. We work hand-in-hand with the hiring managers of our clients, and support them through an in-depth understanding of their unique needs.


We combine our vast knowledge with cutting-edge systems. We have a strong ethic of continual self-improvement, and this includes the technology we use to do our jobs.


To us, client confidence and trust means everything. We treat each client with integrity and respect, and always go to the greatest lengths to secure confidential information.

Search Process

Learn more about our services and how we can help you source top-tier talent.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We have worked exclusively with Slate, on a number of assignments. Thanks to their professionalism and consideration to client we were able to recruit promptly excellent candidates.

Executive Director

Japanese retail chain

Slate is exceptional by providing prompt feedback, commitment, and prepared to supply honest opinions. Keep in touch as promised in every situation, feeling they are doing the best for me.

Marketing Manager

Major French Luxury Group

Pam provided great service when I was recruiting for our Japan operations.
Her knowledge of the industry, broad network, were helpful
in many cases.

HR Manager

European Telecom Company

Company Set up in Japan Support

One of the World’s Largest markets, Japan’s strong economy is helped by its economic sophistication and pro-business policies. For companies seeking to establish a regional headquarters, Japan’s location also makes it ideal for conducting business in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. Japan is noted for its internal stability. The nation is considered one of the most politically stable countries in the world, as well as one of the safest to travel in for work or business The buzzing metropolis of Tokyo is globally recognised as a business hub for most multinationals and is increasingly welcoming foreigners, with its range of international schools, high-end western style neighborhoods, and parks, and the English language is more prevalent there than ever.

However, entering a new country can always be tricky.

At Slate, we can support multinationals in their first steps into the Japanese market.

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Country Manager

be it a sales director to start a new business, a person who can open doors in your target market, or lead and grow an existing business. we will find the right person for your organization.




Accounting & IT

the essential services to support your operations at the early stage. We can introduce reliable vendors or full and part-time staff.

Administration Support

Slate can introduce you to the right registration and compliance experts.

Office Space

Tokyo offers a huge variety of office spaces, suitable for all price ranges and work styles. We can point you in the right direction and introduce reliable agents.



What makes Slate the right consultancy to use when considering a career change?


We know how to play to job-seekers’ strengths and make a great first-impression. We will support you to find fulfilling employment which matches your unique skill set.


We support candidates at every level, including: sharing industry knowledge, resume writing support, interview preparation and on-boarding counseling. We go the extra step to ensure a smooth career transition.


We are able to provide access to the most sought-after positions. Our clients trust us with the highest levels of their employment needs, and we deliver the right candidate every time.


We treat each person we meet with a high level of professionalism and discretion. We will work tirelessly until we’ve found the right match for you.

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Candidate Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our candidates say:

Slate helped land me a coveted job as an engineer. The consultant was very aware of industry trends and conditions, I was able to obtain detailed and useful advice. Thanks to him I was engaged. I recommend it to those thinking about a career change.

Senior Engineer

Major German automotive parts manufacturer

Slate has helped me to make my career move smoothly and in a very professional way, with a positive attitude and being very supportive. I would like to work with them in the future and would recommend Slate to those who are thinking about a solid career change.

Solution Architect

American Insurance Company

My Slate consultant has been a very sincere, professional person. Slate has introduced me to new hiring positions, and feedback has been always timely. They understand their work very well, which is an important value I admire in them professionally.

IT Architect

Major Japanese Company

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