When should I leave my job?

When should I leave my job?

The best time to change your job is after you have made a significant contribution to your current company and at the same time have learned and acquired as many new skills as you are likely to. As a rule of thumb, this should be after about four years, and should become increasingly longer with each job change and boost in seniority.

Hiring managers hate to see resumes that have too many job changes. At the same time, people who stay at one company for 30 years tend to come across as risk-adverse and to have gained only one company’s narrow prospective on management. Balance is the key; focus on changing for the purpose of building your skills in a more challenging environment.

Start with the end in mind: Try to imagine the kind of position that you wish to hold ten years in the future. It’s not easy, but base your vision on what you enjoy and what you have a natural talent for. Based on the job requirements at your future target position, you should identify gaps in your current skills and experience and seek out roles that will allow you to bridge them. Stay focused on your objectives.

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